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“There is much more to a humpback whale’s life story going on underwater, and it’s just as fascinating as what’s happening at the surface. Perhaps the most impressive display of all is bubble-net feeding. This is a remarkable, highly specialized technique, and the only whales in the world that use it for group feeding are humpbacks in Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

What is most visible, by all, is 6 to 10 gaping mouths bursting through the surface at once as humpback whales take in thousands of tiny fish & krill. What we don’t see, and has never been captured on camera in its entirety, is the method that often brings together these groups of humpback whales working in a choreographed sequence. For the first time ever, this behavior was recreated in its entirety, as an animated sequence for IMAX 3D exhibition.”

“Archival Whaling Sequence”

“Opening Credit Sequence”

“Main Title Sequence”