Award-winning IMAX Film, JERUSALEM 3D and MacGillivray Freeman’s, HUMPBACK WHALES doing double-time at CSC.

Visceral Image Productions is proud to have contributed to these two giant-screen films currently playing at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, as well as in IMAX® theaters across the US and internationally.

About Alan Markowitz

As Visual Effects Producer and Founder of Visceral Image, Alan’s expertise spans over 35 years specializing in creating VFX content for 2D & 3D giant-screen IMAX® films and Special Venue projects. His “hands-on” experience working as a VFX Supervisor and Cinematographer in the field of optical printing, animation, and matte-painting laid the foundation for a natural progression into the digital realm over 15 years ago, and as a VFX Producer to successfully interface with VFX Supervisors, Directors, Producers, and the technical personnel that desire to create the ultimate, immersive viewing experience. With a long list of successful IMAX® feature film credits on his resumé, Alan has set the bar for achieving & maintaining the “gold-standard” caliber of filmmaking that is essential for the giant screen experience.