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"Visceral Image created probably the most ambitious single computer graphic title sequence ever produced for the giant screen - stunning!"

− MacGillivray Freeman Films

"Visceral Image created one of the most splendid displays of 3-D animation I've ever seen, and it's during the opening credits!"

− Quad-City Times

"The special-effects shots imagining the journey through space and landing on Mars are a delight; in contrast to the painted look of the effects in many Hollywood blockbusters, this time you can't tell where the science ends and the animation begins. "

− New York Post

"“The opening scene was probably the most eye-catching of the entire film. When the water droplets and waterfalls combined with IMAX 3D, the result was simply out of this world.”"

− South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Perhaps most amazing is the teamwork known as group bubble net feeding, depicted in a seamless blend of footage and animation."

− The Hollywood Reporter
2D & S3D VFX

Our creative content is meticulously designed & created with a visceral touch, whether your giant-screen film is for a 2D or Stereoscopic 3D flat, curved, or dome screen exhibition.

Opening Titles

We help set the tone for your giant-screen film by creating award-winning opening title sequences that fully immerse audiences from the moment the lights go out.

End Credits

Our end credit sequences continue to engage audiences right to the very last minute of your film; even if the houselights go up prematurely.

VFX Pre-Visualizations

Previz (Previsualization; aka Animatics) allows you to visualize complex scenes in a movie prior to executing the final shot. We employ a variety of previz techniques to help guide, plan, and inspire ideas to pursue higher levels of quality and efficiency for our VFX shots.

CG Animation & Compositing

Let our team combine their creativity with the use of 3D animation and computer graphics to help bring your message to life in a way you never thought possible; whether it’s a logo, a character, or graphics to illustrate a complex scene.

2D to 3D Conversion

We ensure 3D converted images exhibited on the giant screen more than exceeds the Director’s desire to truly immerse an IMAX®audience in the most natural, yet visceral way.

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